- - Sparkle Notes: Setbacks and Keeping my Sanity -

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Setbacks and Keeping my Sanity

So I have been going crazy trying to get my domain so that I can publish my new site for the earrings because I hate ArtFire! It keeps saying on the side that I haven't had any sales when I have and there is no way to hide the stats. It just looks really bad so I created my own site. The problem is to get it active I need my domain, which is a process that should have taken a few hours but instead it has been taking weeks! I have been so frustrated by this that I woke up with a migraine this morning. I decided to get my mind off it, take a break from always working, and take my bunny for a walk in the park :)

How can you stay stressed after seeing that?

He got a little chilly so I put on his sweater, lol
Too much excitement for him....
I finished the second half of the front of the cardigan that I was working on but I started getting tendonitis so it has been slowing me down a little bit  (yes, yet another setback). But after a few days of icing my wrist I think I am ready to get back to work!

Also my Earrings made another appearance on lookbook.nu! This time by Enocha T. from Boston....

You can read more about her look on her blog Locks and Trinkets. That's all for now, keep your fingers crossed that get all this stuff straightened out in the near future :)


  1. We adore your style!
    Great blog, following <3

  2. Thank you! You guys are so sweet, I really appreciate the support :)

  3. OMG you take your Bunny for a walk and it has a bunny sweater. haha its sooo cute. Wish my cat (bunty) would wear a wool cape with a batman logo. love your earrings btw. their look reminds me of Battle Star Gallactica.

  4. http://lillygreen85.blogspot.com/p/photo-booth.html