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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The new website for my earrings is finally up! Also I have posted my first look on lookbook.nu :)

The sweater was a gift from Jia Li, the designer of Jia Collection. Jia Li creates clothing for women who want high quality, chic styles, and versatility. The signature of Jia's designs is her focus on luxury fashion with everyday function. Jia considers herself an ally to the modern women; Jia designs multifunctional clothing that the modern women can easily dress from and travel with. Jia's woman is open-minded and not afraid to embrace colors and changes in life. I was so excited to get on of her pieces. Here are some more pics of the look...

I know you probably can't tell from the pictures but it was about 20 degrees outside when we did this shoot, I was freezing! On the bright side, all of the cold totally cured my tendonitis :) So, I'm back to knitting! I have have finished a sleeve so far and am halfway done with another one. I'll post pics of my progress soon!


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    1. Thank you so much! You are quite stunning too my dear, I love your hair :) You have some beautiful pictures on your blog but unfortunately I can't read Swedish :(