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Friday, November 4, 2011

Check me out!

So I picked up the latest issue of Glitter Magazine and saw a skirt that looked vaguely familiar....

They did a great job with the styling, so cute :)

Also, My earrings have made it all the way to Amsterdam! Virgit Canaz is the first to wear my new style of earrings and posted pics on lookbook.nu :)

Also I thought I would share some inspiration with you....
Shown at Antwerpen's Mode Museum in a show called "Unravel", this shows Sandra Backlund's masterpiece on Tilda Swinton
A detail of the stunning bodice

I would love to made a piece this intricate some day but I don't know when I would ever find the time....Maybe when I'm rich and famous and have assistants to help me, lol.

I have recently started taking web programming and design classes at Hunter College which I am loving but it is taking my attention away from knitting a little bit. But don't worry, another project is in the works. I am trying my hand at menswear for the first time. I'll put up pics of the sketches when they're done. That's all for now, I have homework to do. TTYL!

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