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Friday, October 14, 2011

So I found out recently that Vogue is taking design submissions for their Spring and Summer issue and a new special crochet issue that they are coming out with. Which means I have to kick my crochet project into high-gear because the deadline is Monday. I have made a lot of progress though. I made 7 of the motifs that I showed a pic of in my last post. Then I starting running dangerously low on yarn. So I decided to stop and drape them on the dressform to see what kind of silhouette I could come up with.

It wasn't the original silhouette that I had in mind but I think it is pretty cool. I had to make a different smaller motifs for sleeve and to smooth out the curve of the front.
A close up of the smaller motif that I came up with for the front
I was thinking of leaving that keyhole at the shoulder and then just stabilizing it with a row of single crochet
The back is still kind of a mess because I need to make more small motifs to fill in some of the gaps. Also as you can tell everything is being held together by safety pins until I make final decisions. Plus there are still strings hanging everywhere.
A close up-of how I am using the smaller motifs to fill in gaps
I am thinking that down the center front I am going to do a couple rows of single crochet and put in invisible hook and eye closures.

There is a still a lot of work to be done. The part I hate the most is weaving in all the ends...Then I am going to put an edging on the sleeves to make them look a little more finished and then add a knitted mandarin collar. I am hoping to get most of this done tonight.

In other news, my earrings have been gaining in popularity and have been worn by a few of the more popular girls on lookbook.nu. Here are some pics from the photo shoots they did:

Anastasia Siantar from Jakarta, Indonesia rocks the white discs
Fashionista, Naz Isik from Turkey but currently residing in California loves the Egyptian inspired style

I am really excited that the earrings are getting such great reviews and that they have gone international! You can check out Naz's blog at www.ohthesavoirfaire.com/search/label/DJC%20Existence and you can see Anastasia's at www.brownplatform.com/search/label/DJC%20Existence. That's all I can report for now because I need to get back to work!

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