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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So I have been crazy busy with my internships since fashion week just passed. I didn't get to participate in any of the shows but I got to check out Coterie. I helped Jia out with her booth and actually ended up modeling for her, which I didn't expect lol. But I also got to check out all the other booths and it was fashion overload! I got a bunch of pictures from the tradeshow on my phone but I can't find my USB cord right now so they'll have to wait.

In other news, one of my designs is going to be featured in Glitter Magazine! ( http://glittermagrocks.com/connect/ ) The photo shoot was on Saturday and I got a preview from the stylist, Quentin Fears and the concept is really cute. The issue is going to be published on November 2nd, so keep an eye out!
Here is the skirt that will be featured in the magazine. It was knitted with Soft Tweed by RY Classic Yarns (%56 wool, 20% viscose, 14% polyamide, 10% silk)

I came up with the idea for this skirt last winter, as it got colder and colder I had to keep packing on the layers to stay warm. The more layers I put on the frumpier I felt so I started to try to think of cozy but fashionable solutions. Also you can get more mileage out of your wardrobe with this skirt because you can throw it on over your favorite summer skirt and you get the same flirty look but it will be more practical for cooler weather

The onesie I started in Maine is almost finished, it just needs a few finishing touches and then I can drop it off to have the snaps put on.

I decided to name this one "The Barrington"

Another project I have been working on is a sweater/vest for myself. I haven't decided which it is going to be yet. It depends on how much yarn I have left. I would like to make long sleeves but yarn is disappearing fast so I'll just have to wing it.
This is kind of the shape that I want it to have but with a little more fullness in the back
 So the sweater is going to a combination of knit and crotchet. Most of it is going to be composed of a bunch of crocheted motifs that I found the pattern for in this really old book of crocheted doilies and bedspreads.
Here is one of the motifs that I made. It is crocheted with this wool/silk blend that I bought in a mill in Massachusetts a long time ago.

So as you can see lots of designing has been going on despite being so busy, there is more in the works though and I will keep updating you as I go along :)


  1. Congratulation for the features ! Nice crocheted you made there, you're so talented !