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Monday, August 29, 2011

LOTS of news to report.....

I'm back from hiatus and even though I haven't written in a while I have still been knitting and designing.

My workspace in Maine :)
I'm actually on vacation in Maine right now working on a new project with this angora bamboo blend by Patons. The bluish color that you see in the picture I dyed myself before I left nyc with this all natural dye that I got online.

Ok, a lot has happened since the last time that I wrote so I'll try not to forget anything. So you remember the baby onesies that I designed? Well Soho Publishing picked two of my designs for their book "60 More Quick Baby Knits"! So they sent me the Cascade Merino Superwash yarn and I already made the sample and sent them. Here are the pics!
The zigzag bobble cable onesie!

The skirted onesie :)

Who doesn't love a baby with ruffles on her butt? lol
While I was on a roll making onesies my sister asked me to make one for her friend who recently had a baby. This is what I came up with....
This one was made with Replay cotton yarn on a size 6 needle

I decided to change it up and add a flowery surprise in the back!
And the exciting news doesn't stop there.....

My issue of Vogue is out!!!
Vogue knitting just put my sweater on the website ( http://vogueknitting.com/magazine/fall_2011_fashion_preview.aspx#2 ) They also have a video of it in their VK360 section! The magazine is out too but I don't have a copy yet, I haven't seen it in nyc yet.

Ok, that's enough updating for now. I'm going back to the beach! I'll talk to you later (I promise you it wont be months from now, lol)

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