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Sunday, September 11, 2011

 It occurred to me that the last time I wrote I forgot to tell you about the new line of jewelry that I came up with. They are earrings made from hand cut leather, they are on sale on Etsy and a boutique in LA has already asked to carry them. The boutique is called 8 Limbs ( www.8-limbs.com ), I really like their style so I'm pretty excited! Here is the link to my Etsy shop: ( www.etsy.com/shop/djcexistence?ref=si_shop )

These have been the most popular style

These are my personal favorite and I wear them all the time :)

This style has been pretty popular too

In other news, I have started two new internships. One is with luxury knitwear designer Jia Li (www.jiacollection.com) and the other is a label called Wink (www.winknyc.com). I have been working with Jia for a week now and will be starting with Wink on Monday. On Saturday I helped Jia out with a photo shoot for her summer 2012 collection. It was a lot of fun, she used the rooftop of this building in Soho with an awesome view.

It was super hectic though! The sun was really strong that day and the model had very fair skin so we had to work fast so that she wouldn't get sunburn. They got through six or seven looks in about 45 minutes. Here's your exclusive behind the scenes look :)

Francis (the model) Chichi (hair and make up) and Jia!

Francis and Jia!

Ok, that's all for now. I'll talk to you later!

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