- - Sparkle Notes: Lots of designing today and hiding from the cold -

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of designing today and hiding from the cold

It was -5 degrees this morning so I stayed inside. I worked on my second tee design for Threadless today, still holding my breath and crossing my fingers that they accept the first submission. I could really use the $2,000. Then I could put a deposit on an apt and stop having to travel all over the city and carry clothes with me in case I am too tired or out too late to make it back to the Bronx. I really miss Brooklyn. I may be totally biased but I think Brooklyn is the best borough in NYC, it's where I belong. I've also been toying with a knit design as well. I got some Noro yarn at the Vogue knitting event over the weekend and have been trying to decide what to make with it. I'm between pillows and tote bags.
I did a swatch in the Noro yarn to get some ideas
I think for now I am just going to design a square and decide whether to use it for a pillow or a tote later. The rich colors made me think of fashions in the middle east. Then I thought about Islamic art which I am in love with so I'm going to base my square off of an Islamic tile that I saw.

my inspiration
I'm going to have to pull out some geometry that I haven't done since 10th grade for this one, lol. Well I better get to it, wish me luck!


  1. I also went to the Vogue Knitting Live Event. It was wonderful to see so many people that shared my passion for knitting and crocheting. I had a meeting of the mind when the women next to me, during the Vogue Fashion show, rattled off the Vogue Knitting issue were the design first appeared.

    Boy, what a geek I am!

    Sparkle, what was your favorite design at the fashion show? Mine was the Twinkle Coat.

  2. I really liked the Twinkle Coat as well. I can't remember the specific name of all of the pieces but I did like a lot of the pieces in the String show.

  3. I missed alot of the String show, but I do remember one of the Models really looked like they didn't want to be there ... lol