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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So after a lot of struggling I finally managed to create the eight-pointed star that was in the center of my inspiration. This is my second attempt. For the first one I tried to make it all in one piece but the points weren't as pronounced as I would like and I thought would be much more interesting if all the stitches were going towards the center of the star.
This thing had to be blocked within an inch of its life to get it to keep its shape. I had to block the individual sections and once I sewed it together I blocked it again, as you can see it's still pinned down and drying.
I also got some exciting news today. I got an email from Soho Publishing that they are making a book called Noro Accessories for the Fall 2011/ Winter 2012 season and are taking submissions. And as you might remember the yarn I am using for this project is Noro yarn! So I am definitely going to make this into a bag when its done so I can submit it. Crossing my fingers.... :)

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  1. I like the 3D star. Can't wait to see what the final product looks like. Now this is a different color Noro than the previous example. What is the fiber content? is it stiff or soft?