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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I finished the hat for Vogue the on Thursday and mailed it out to the editor...

A quick pic with my phone
I had to redo it a few time because I had a hard time getting the measurements right but in the end it fit exactly the way I wanted it to! I won't give you too many details now, you'll just have to wait until the book comes out.... :)

And here is today's look...

I made this dress last summer before I went to this elementary school to talk to the kids about fashion. I absolutely love plaid so I fell in love with this fabric when saw it in the store. I thought that they would like the graphic print and the whimsical style and they loved it! The little girls couldn't stop gushing and giving me hugs, lol.

I was exercising my pattern-making skills and wanted to do a take on a classic shift dress. So I made it button up the front to make it reminiscent of the kind of dresses I wore when I was little. Then I added ruching on the sides to accentuate the curves of my waist and hips, making the conservative silhouette a little sexy without being overt. To top it off I added an over-sized bow at the chest for a little fun :)

For the photo shoot I thought it would be cute to go with a whole secretary/librarian look so I picked up the cardigan at a thrift shop for $4. I found the Jeffrey Campbell shoes at the thrift store on the upper east side in Manhattan, they were on sale for $35! The glasses are actually my own prescription glasses. I don't wear them too much because my eyesight isn't that bad and the doctor said that wearing them all the time would actually make my sight worse. I wish I could wear them all the time because I love the chic shape of the lenses and the unusual lavender color. And of course no look is complete without my DJC Existence earrings!

Well that's all for today. TTYL!

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