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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today's look plus BIG NEWS!

So I got an email from Vogue Knitting yesterday morning and they are using my design in another one of their books! I am so excited! The design was part of a presentation that I sent to them for their Early Fall issue. Since I hadn't heard from them I was really disappointed, but turns out they they were considering it for something even better...a book! It is going to be an "Ultimate Hat" book, I'm not sure when it will be coming out yet but I'll keep you posted!

Here is the illustration and technical drawing of the hat they picked :)

Also today I posted a new look on lookbook.nu today and here it is....

I took these pics in the grounds near The Cloisters, it was beautiful but freezing cold that day! These fleece lined leggings were the best find. My mother got them for me somewhere in Massachusetts but I have seen them online a few times before. You should try a pair, they are almost as warm as jeans so you can look cute without freezing in the winter :)

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