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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cables and Ladders

So this week has been kinda crazy. I had two photo shoots which were a lot of fun both of the photographers were awesome. I'll post the pics when they are finished being retouched. This whole modeling thing is still a little strange for me because I have never spent so much much time thinking about what I look like. Usually  people are more focused on what I can create than me....

Anyway, today I submitted my presentation for the corset belt. While I was on a roll with the knitwear designing I decided to tackle my growing yarn stash. My mother got me this gorgeous wool alpaca blend by Nashua Hand Knits, so I made a swatch to get the creative juices flowing.

I started out by just trying out different cables and a ladder. Then at the top I combined the cables and ladders into one stitch.
Ever since I learned how to make a ladder (which is when you intentionally drop stitches) from reading the Vogue Knitting Knitopedia, I have been dying to try it. I think the result was pretty cool, I'm going to use it to make a cardigan. I think it would be an interesting twist on the the traditional conservative cardigan. I'll have to find some cool buttons for it. Maybe I'll check M&J's the next time I'm in Manhattan. Well, gotta go. Ttyl :)

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  1. Oh, is that what you're suppose to do with your stash? I thought you were supose to buy it, touch it and then buy more... lol

    Good luck with with your submission to Noro.